The SAEM Power Ampoule Whitening 35ml
The SAEM Power Ampoule Pore Tightening

The SAEM Power Ampoule Whitening 35ml

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A lightweight gel formulated with tannin complex extracts which help balance sebum levels and reduce the appearance of pores by smoothing and tightening enlarged pores of the skin.
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Benefits of The SAEM Power Ampoule Whitening 35ml

The SAEM Power Ampoule Whitening is an intensive serum that uses Vitamin-12 complex to provide dull skin with a natural glow and help soften and even out the tone of the skin creating a brighter, younger-looking complexion.

- Infused with Vitamin-12 complex and Actinidia Polygama, each drop of ampoule encapsulates 8 types of Vitamins that deeply absorb into the skin to effectively whiten the skin and even out the skin providing natural radiance to the complexion. 
- Whitening ampoule creates a moisture barrier around the skin's outer layers making dull, flaky skin look brighter and firmer. 
- Gel formula provides the skin the ideal balance of moisturization and nourishment providing long-lasting hydration and preventing the evaporation of the ampoule leaving behind smoother skin. 
- Power Ampoule helps balance excess sebum secretion in the skin and keeping the skin glowing without leaving it oily and enhances the elasticity of skin that has been damaged by environmental stress factors and aging. 
-Best for Dry, Normal, Dull, and Thin Skin. 

Actinidia Polygama An ingredient extracted from an ancient plant, Silver Vine, found in the mountainous areas of China and Japan. As an active ingredient, the Silver Vine increases the moisture in the skin, provides antioxidant protection, inhibit protein carbonylation, and leaves a skin looking brighter.  

*Contains 35 ml of Power Ampoule Whitening. 

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