While we all know that following our skincare routine is beneficial, that doesn’t make it any easier to keep it up day after day. Believe it or not, many individuals drop their skincare regimens, or parts of it, within several weeks of building it. Not only does this decrease your chances of success, but it also raises the likelihood that you’ll experience more breakouts in the future. Here are a few tips and tricks for sticking to a skincare routine.

Keep Everything Within View

When you’re first trying to establish the habit of taking care of your skin, you may find it easy to forget about—especially early in the morning. What you need is something in front of the mirror to remind you. Placing all of your skincare products within your line of vision draws your eyes to them and makes you more likely to pick them up. Likewise, arranging them close to one another ensures that you never miss a step.

Use Products That Absorb Quickly

Spending several minutes at a time applying products is one of the surest ways to discourage an ongoing routine. As such, you can also increase your willingness to follow it by using products that absorb more effectively. Water-based formulas, for instance, tend to dry much quicker and leave a lightweight feeling on your face. This saves you time and creates a more positive experience, making you more likely to continue doing it.

Make Time for It in Your Schedule

Another thing you can do to stay with the same skincare routine is to actively make time for it in your day. Feeling pressured to rush getting ready in the morning often leads to skipping crucial parts of your regimen, so the best solution is to wake up a few minutes early. Though the idea might sound grueling to you, your skin will thank you in the long run.

Set a Reminder on Your Phone

Technology rarely leaves our side, so you might as well make the most of it. This is why setting an alarm or two for yourself is a great trick for sticking to a skincare routine as well. With something there to remind you, it’s a lot easier to fit these steps into your daily happenings. Better yet, they’ll keep you consistent until the practice becomes a regular habit.

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