If you’re staying up to date on the news within the skincare industry, you’ll know that the Clean Beauty Movement is in full swing. Spurred by the desire to create healthier beauty products, the goal of this undertaking is to not only raise awareness of hazardous ingredients but also spark true change in the manufacturing process. As such, it’s vital that everyone knows what this endeavor is and why it’s so important to furthering growth in the field. This is what the Clean Beauty Movement is and what it means for both businesses and consumers.

Defining Clean Beauty

“Clean beauty” is a term used to refer to beauty products that are made from natural, environmentally-friendly materials. It’s considered synonymous with “non-toxic skincare” as they both deal with eliminating harmful chemicals from these formulas. These terms are attached to products that can be used without potentially putting your health at risk—therefore, making them the cleaner alternative to most larger brands. Some examples of these natural ingredients include green tea extract, glutathione, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid.

What the Movement Entails

As far as what the clean beauty movement is itself, it’s important to know that it encompasses everything related to making cleaner products more readily available. This includes encouraging new clean beauty brands to start up as well as publicizing the importance of using these healthier products. In doing so, it’s the hope that these formulas will become the standard for all future skincare endeavors and that individuals, as well as the environment, will be better off for it. The Clean Beauty Movement also fights for increased transparency on product labeling and ingredient lists. This way, you always know exactly what’s in your formulas and what could be considered toxic.

At Flawless Beauty and Skin, we’re truly inspired by the Clean Beauty Movement and stand by our dedication to create natural and healthy products. Our clean beauty skincare formulas are backed by years of clinical research and testing. As such, we’re confident that our inventory can help millions of individuals find their treatment success story. For more information about what we offer and some of the clean ingredients we stand by, give us a call or visit our website.