Every quality skin care routine involves both a serum and facial toner. But few understand what differentiates the two. After all, they seem to accomplish similar things and work with your skin to brighten your overall complexion. But if you’re going to use them to the best of their capabilities, you should know what these key distinctions are. This is the difference between toners and serums.


Place your products side by side and take a good look at them. They might both seem lightweight at first glance, but one is actually much looser than the other. Toning products are like water in consistency, and serums are a bit thicker and creamier to the touch. This is to promote the proper amount of coverage per application. Since serums are heavier, they also tend to cost more.


Serums and toners also differ in their overall function—contrary to popular belief. Toners use specialized formulas to target the deep recesses of a person’s pores and decrease their size through the process of exfoliation. They also work to balance the skin’s natural pH and stabilize the symptoms of dry, sensitive, or irritated complexions.

Serums, on the other hand, provide concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals along with deep hydration. They act as nutrition boosters that supply the skin with everything it needs to keep itself healthy and strong throughout the day. They can also assist with the treatment of certain conditions, like hyperpigmentation and fine lines. This is because they promote increased cell turnover.


Another core difference between toners and serums is the way you apply them to your skin. Since toners are a liquid, you simply need to saturate a cotton cloth or ball with the product and gently rub it across your face. With thicker serums, you’ll need to place a few drops on your hands, then pat your skin with your fingertips. Both of these formulas absorb very quickly and don’t require any rubbing.

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