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What is the Best Combo for Body Whitening on your skin type?

Posted by Suzanne Gindi on 4/17/2013 to FAQ

Hi Loren,


All soaps do come in the original box for packaging.


Choosing the best soap is very much dependent on your skin type. Soaps exfoliate and lighten the outer skin by breaking down the pigment(melanin) in the skin, using natural ingredients such as glutathione and Kojic acids. Stronger whitening soaps tend be drying, which is great for acne/oily skin types but may not be as good for sensitive/dry skin types.


A non-drying soap good for most skin types is the Relumins Advance white soap. This soap has both whitening and rejuvenating properties.


In general, for best results use a soap with a lotion or oral formula. This combination breaks down the pigment on the surface as well as helps diminish new formation of melanin internally.


For further recommendations, please let us know what skin type you have.


Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions.


Here are some products you can look at:

 Relumins Advance Whitening Soap With Intensive Skin Repair & Stem Cell Therapy


 Hollywood Style Herbal Whitening Lotion w/ Licorice Root & White Berries



By - Suzzanne Gindi


Date 5/10/2013
hi wanted to know what kind of bleaching soap and lighting lotion to use on my skin. i am black like most black american i have uneven skin tone and like to achieve a more even complexion my skin tends to be dry and a little sensitive and prone to sun burn. thank you.
Date 5/11/2013
Dear Fab How are you? It is common for dark skinned, African descended people to have uneven skin tones, but not so common to be prone to sun burn & dry skin. I would like to recommend that you try the whitening cleanser from Hollywood Style, it is more gentle than our soaps. For the lotion, most of my lotions would be great for you, just choose one with sun protection & whitening.
Date 6/13/2013
hi suzzy I was wondering if there is a difference between a whiting and bleaching soap and which one works best for black skin if there's any difference thank you.
Date 6/14/2013
Hello, I am going to respond to you directly in email, so I can send pictures and links of the recommended products. Thank You, Suzzy
Date 6/24/2013
shirley oquias
hello, i just want to know what product i may use to prevent dark spots on my face.Thank You
Date 6/24/2013
Hi Shirley, The best prevention for dark spots is sunscreen. Using everyday, will prevent dark spots from forming. St Dalfour cream is an excellent night time spot treatment for dark spots that already exist. Thank You, Suzzy
Date 7/5/2013
Hi Suzzy, I am interested in your products, especially the Tatiomax- how is this delivered sublingually? What does it taste like- I have clients who want to be white pretty quick but hate the needles- will the sublingual route work the same way as IV? Does it have a nasty taste? Will await your response, thank you.
Date 7/5/2013
Susana B Boleche
Hi The taste is not terrible. The effects are quite good, if administered properly your clients will have results comparable to IV but it can take longer. • The vial is hydrated with sterile water & vitamin c • 2ml(appx ¼ the vial) is delivered below the tongue • Allow appx 5 minute before swallowing • Remainder is refrigerated • Repeat 2X per day morning and evening for 2 days Thanks Suzzy
Date 7/7/2013
Hi, I would like to purchase the tatiomax on sale for 199. I mentioned to a friend of who works for this beauty place that administers IV gluta. She told me to becareful of buying stuff online they may be not authentic??
Date 7/7/2013
Susana B Boleche
Hi Lizzie We are the primary seller of Tatiomax in the USA, we are direct importers and we sell to clinics, spas & derma centers. If you prefer to buy from one of our resellers I will be happy to refer you, where are you located? Suzzy
Date 7/7/2013
yes please. i live in burbank and glendale area. can you email me the info to the email i provided thanks
Date 7/10/2013
Hi I'm really dark but I want to be white as soon as possible and very fast what products do u recommend ? Thanks
Date 7/10/2013
Susana B Boleche
Hi Jan Did you see the new Relumins TA Stem Cell Therapy Advance Total Whitening Set? Really amazing effect! Thanks Suzzy
Date 7/19/2013
Hi Suzzy I'm a filipina and I have a brown complexion. I would like to have a whiter skin, and I do have some acne scars on my face and some breakouts, What type of products can you recommend for me? And my skin type becomes dry since I went here in Canada.Please help me Kabayan.. Thank you so much..
Date 7/19/2013
Hi Yzhie Kumusta po? Can you send me a picture of your skin and tell me where it is oily and where it is dry? Thanks Suzzy
Date 8/6/2013
Hi,im also Filipina with dark brown complexion.what would you recommend to me since I like to try sublingual.which brand name will I use..
Date 8/8/2013
Hi Liz You can start with capsules, it is less expensive than sublingual and still effective. Filipina skin is easy to whiten sis, so don’t be rushed, you will have nice results. If you want more result after a few months, you should try the Tatiomax sublingual. Thanks Suzzy
Date 8/11/2013
benedicta omoregbee
Hi, can you please recommend a regime for me. I am black African and would like to be considerably whiter as quickly as possibly.
Date 8/27/2013
Katie Phan
Hi I'm Asian. I, using st dafour on my face. I would like to have a white complexion . My friend introduce me to st dafour body cream , but I don't see any difference, do you have any stronger ? Or any good cream to apply on my body . Thanks
Date 8/31/2013
do you think these whitening cream is advisable for teengers?. my daughter underarm and fingers are very dark and she is very concerned. my Pilipino friends recommend whitening cream but am bit scared to use on my daughter. please advice
Date 8/31/2013
Susana B Boleche
Hi Riyan The products we sell are safe and natural, so you needn’t be concerned about her health uf she uses them. Suzzy
Date 10/12/2013
elisa e
hi suzy With Remulins regimen, could you use both IV and Sublingual methods ? Also where is the most "efficient" injection site? thanks in advance
Date 10/13/2013
Susana B Boleche
Hi Elisa For IM injection site, gluteal is a good choice. You can use IV and sublingual interchangeably but there is no reason to do both together. Thanks Suzzy
Date 11/22/2013
Hi! JUst want to ask what regimen is good for me. I have pimple scars with oily skin. I am a morena and i want to have a fair complexion. I want to use glutha IV. Currently im in KSA, do you ship? Tnx
Date 11/22/2013
Hello Jeannine, The best treatment for acne scars & dark spots is the following set: I would also include the Relumins toner as well. It works very well with oily skin. As for the Glutathione, if you have never used Glutathione before, I would recommend starting with an oral capsules before the IV. Thanks, Suzzy
Date 1/25/2014
Hi I am very interested to try your product. I am also a Filipino with an uneven skin. Could you pls tell me which whitening product should I use to lighten my skin specially my knee and I also have a dark scar on my legs. It would be great if you can email me your answer. Thanks Ana
Date 2/18/2014
amna shuaib
hi suzzy can u email me the instruction paper for the relumin glutha IV and sublingual method.i lost the paper somehow and what is the best product to get the great results fast and my skin is combination and open pores too
Date 2/20/2014
Hi Suzzy, can I visit your spa and talk to u in person for consultation? And about the whitening injection , can somebody in your spa do it for me?
Date 2/20/2014
Hi Diana, Please call us and let me know when you would like to visit so I can schedule to meet you. Office #+1-732-361-5076. Thank you, Suzzy
Date 2/25/2014
Hi Suzzy, I recently purchased (jan 25)relumin daytime set. I'm black American, I'm try to even my skintone. especially the back of my legs are really really dark. do you recommend me to continue use the relumin or try something else?
Date 2/26/2014
Hello Tray, I would continue using the set. If you do not see significant results after the first month let me know and I can recommend a stronger soap. Thank you, Suzzy
Date 3/3/2014
Hi Suzzy, im African with a brown stubborn skin that refuses to tone. what is the strongest combination u recommend? Thanks.
Date 3/4/2014
Hello Ayo, I would recommend using a strong whitening soap and cream to get started. The Premium Maximum Soap is great and the Dalfour Beauty Excel cream is very strong. Thank you, Suzzy
Date 3/10/2014
Adazea Marie
Hi Suzzy, what is the best glutathione injections you can recommend?
Date 3/10/2014
Hello Adazea, Its very nice to hear from you! The Relumins and Tatiomx are our most popular Glutathione Injectable. Relumins has 1500mg of Glutathione & includes an oral Glutathione booster to help maintain the levels of Glutathione in your body in-between treatments. The Tatiomax has 1200mg of Glutathione and includes collagen. Either set is great. Thank you, Suzzy
Date 3/10/2014
I am dark skin of African descent please recommend suitable bleaching cream or lotion to lightening my skin. Thank you
Date 3/11/2014
Hello Xxjok, I would recommend the Relumins Intensive Repair lotion. I would suggest using a strong whitening soap along with the lotion for optimal results. The Premium Maximum soap is very good. Thank you, Suzzy
Date 7/5/2014
Hi suzzy my wedding is coming up in 6 weeks time and my skin is so bad am so dark with dark knuckles as well my leg are so dark as well I need a whitening set that works so fast for a black person from nigeria my skin is so difficult to lighten so I need something really strong please help me suzzy
Date 7/5/2014
I would like the pills or the iv under the tongue which one is stronger and also recommend a soap for me and strong whitening cream for me my skin is so bad and I need to look good for my wedding please
Date 7/5/2014
Dear Ndy Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, I am sure you will be a lovely bride. Glutathione is effective on African skin but it usually takes longer than 6 weeks to see noticeable results. I would suggest using the oral Relumins 6X Glutathione and use 4 to 5 caps a day for fastest results. Also you should use a whitening soap and cream as that will work together with the glutathione to give best results. I would suggest these: Thanks & God bless Suzzy
Date 7/6/2014
Thanks suzzy for your reply but am a bit confused because I don't know which is which on the website please when can I call you in the office I live in london and I don't know the time difference , and also do I need to buy the vitamin c to take with the 6+ glutathione pls get back to me . And if possible pls can you email me the direct links to but the extract things you want me to buy . Thanks
Date 7/7/2014
Hi Ndy, You can call us at your soonest convenience, but keep in mind that it is 6 hours earlier here in the United States. Our office phone number is +1(732) 361-5076. It is not necessary to take vitamin C in addition to your glutathione capsules, but we find that it can provide extra benefits to your skin and overall health. If you want to take daily vitamin C, try the new Relumins Advance Vitamin C Complex. Thanks, Suzzy

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