Exfoliators are integral parts of the average skincare routine. Whether we’re using them every day or only once a week, they help remove any access debris from the surface of our skin. This not only leaves our pores clear and less likely to break out, but it can increase the effectiveness of some of our other products as well. However, people still commonly wonder, “When is the best time to exfoliate?” Some say that morning exfoliation has more benefits, while others swear by the night. Keep reading to learn the answer.

When Your Complexion Looks Dull

One of the first indicators of when you should exfoliate is the time of day when your skin seems to be the dullest. Since the skin often does most of its healing and repairs during the night, this time usually falls during your morning skincare routine. Exfoliating in the morning allows you to remove the highest quantity of dead cells at once, ensuring your skin is at its cleanest throughout the rest of the day.

After a Warm Shower

The best time to exfoliate is also just after you get out of the shower. This is because warm water tends to sap a large amount of moisture from your skin. In fact, it’s at this time that your skin will probably be at its driest. So, before you start moisturizing, make sure that you exfoliate to remove all the flaky patches that aren’t doing you any good. Though this will depend more on your specific schedule, this method of exfoliation is also typically more common in the morning.

So, generally speaking, morning exfoliation tends to be the most effective for the average individual. However, this process will still help you regardless of the time you choose to do it. We recommend that you do what fits most optimally into your routine. If that means exfoliating in the morning—then great! But if not, that’s perfectly fine as well.

Exfoliation is one of the best things you can do for your skin. That’s why we at Flawless Beauty and Skin do everything we can to ensure you’re using only the highest quality products. Our line of skin brightening soaps uses a series of natural exfoliants, such as kojic acid, to help remove dead cells while also brightening your complexion. This dual function allows you to treat your blemishes and keep your skin looking vibrant at the same time.