Have you noticed that some patches of your skin seem to have more severe reactions to the products you use? Maybe your skin tends to get itchy in a certain spot after you use a treatment cream, or you might occasionally experience redness and inflammation in only one area. Sensitive skin can be a serious development, as it often results in discomfort during the skincare process. Worse yet, you may find it hard to predict flare-ups—especially when some sections react differently. Read on to learn why some areas of the skin are more sensitive than others.

What Is Skin Sensitivity?

Sensitive skin is an ailment that makes a person’s complexion react negatively to certain types of skincare products or treatments. Typically, these outbreaks are the result of an allergic reaction to a certain ingredient or substance. However, though some individuals have very specific triggers, others might experience some form of response to any formula they use. Additionally, a person’s face or hands may exhibit more sensitivity than their arms or legs.

Common Causes of Skin Sensitivity

As mentioned, allergic reactions are most often the cause of sensitive skin. It might show an adverse response to a specific chemical or a type of clothing material. Either way, exposure can potentially damage the cells and make them flare-up in an immune response. Some other common triggers include excessive dryness, eczema, and rosacea.

The Differences in Your Cells

Now, as far as why some areas of the skin are more sensitive than others, the answer ultimately boils down to the varying areas of skin density. The skin on a person’s face is naturally thinner than that on other parts of their body. Consequently, many skin sensitivities tend to show up on the face—specifically around the cheeks or chin. Additionally, cells can develop differently depending on where they are, so some patches of skin might be more prone to react to a specific ingredient.

Fortunately, you can try several things to manage your sensitive skin. Start by taking the time to identify some of your triggers and where your flare-ups typically occur. This way, you can take steps to avoid making your condition worse. Then, you can start your search for products that don’t cause a reaction.

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