NEW! Meso Fresh Vitamin - Rebuilding the Skin!
NEW! Meso Fresh Vitamin - Rebuilding the Skin!

NEW! Meso Fresh Vitamin - Rebuilding the Skin!

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Benefits of Meso Fresh Vitamin - Rebuilding the Skin!

Meso Fresh Vitamin show anti-ageing results, and guarantees the correct maintenance of the skin’s quality, fighting effectively against skin flaccidity

  • Is comprised of homogeneous and effective mixtures that do not have any risk of adverse reactions. Its results will adapt perfectly to any kind of skin, fighting against ageing effects
  • Meso Fresh Vitamin is an excellent technique to stimulate and revitalise the skin, enabling the treatment of wrinkled, tired, weakened and fragile skins, as well as sun-damaged or very dehydrated skin
  • It improves stressed skin. It partially reduces smaller wrinkles. It improves the dull, irregular skin of some patients who are smokers or who have not taken care of their skin
  • It is a comprehensive treatment that helps obtain a good level of cellular hydration and good biochemical and biological architecture

  • Ingredient Benefits:

    Hyaluronic Acid [1]

    Hyaluronic acid, and more generally, Mucopolysaccharides, are among the main constituents of connective tissue structures. The very low molecular weight (5-10 kDA) of hyaluronic acid improves intradermal penetration, also constituting a raw material for the formation of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid.This type of hyaluronic acid is particularly suitable toretain water, both in the connective tissue and in the fundamental layer of the dermis (and therefore responsible for deep hydration), and in the upper layers of the skin, reducing transdermal water loss (TEWL).

    Amino Acids [2]

    The cocktail is a highly effective moisturizer formulated with NMF components (Natural Moisturizing Factor). It has excellent moisture absorption and retention capabilities.

    Vitamins Liposomes [3]

    Natural Liposomes are spherical vesicles consisting of a double phospholipidic layer. The chemical nature of phospholipids in an aqueous environment pushes these molecules to organize themselves in tail-tail structures creating double layers with hydrophilic properties both on the external and internal surface. These liposomes improve the penetration of liposoluble active ingredients that intersperse within the double layer structure.

    Vitamin A [4], Vitamin E [5], Vitamin F [6] , Provitamin B5 [7]

    Vitamins have antioxidant, anti-aging and emollient properties, they work in synergy with each other and enhance each other's characteristics. They act to combat skin aging by promoting cell renewal and fighting free radicals. In addition to the anti-aging, antioxidant and repairing functions, they have an emollient, nourishing and protective action on the skin.

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